Amarnath would have been a good choice for coach: Gavaskar

ust a day after Duncan Fletcher was appointed as Indian coach, Sunil Gavaskar has set the cat amongst the pigeons by saying that Mohinder Amarnath would have been a better choice. The batting legend felt that his World Cup winning teammate was better equipped to coach the team

New Delhi: Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar is least excited at the selection of Duncan Fletcher as the country's coach and said someone like Mohinder Amarnath would have been a better choice.
Gavaskar, if one remembers, was in the panel that picked predecessor Gary Kirsten in 2007 but unlike the selection of the former South African opener, Fletcher's appointment was made without any prior notice, in the BCCI working committee meeting.
Gavaskar insisted that Amarnath would have made a good choice since the cricketer was better equipped to understand the psyche of Indian cricketers and knows what it means to be at the top.
"Mohinder Amarnath for example is one himself, who for the simple reason that the core of the Indian team comes from the Hindi belt. And I think Jimmy would get along brilliantly with them. Apart from that he has got a fabulous record of making comebacks, he knows what it is to be down and then come back up," Gavaskar said.
Amarnath was in the fray the last time around too, but was pipped at the post by Kirsten. Gavaskar was critical of India's fascination towards foreign coaches, saying that there is a wrong perception that an Indian would get involved in the politics of the game rather than focusing on the job.
"I think if you have a look there is a perception, and wrong if I might add, that the Indian coach can be influenced. He will get involved in politics which is there but that you are presuming that Indian is not going to be a strong person," the little master told NDTV.
"Haven't we seen in the past overseas guys also, well not exactly, if not indulging in politics and being a little partial towards people from their region," he added.

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