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I will begin by listing some of the common and trustworthy websites/online Websites I personally used to earn money online. These sites are international, have no age limit and require no fees or credit card information from you to get started.

These websites are perfectly safe and will not install anything onto your computer. Read on.

<Paid-To-Click (PTC) Websites>
Websites: Bux.To, Clixsense<check source at bottom for link>
PTC are websites where you can earn money by clicking on the advertisement and let it run for 30 seconds (you don’t have to keep looking at the advertisement, just click on it and do something else and after 30 seconds the money will be credited into your account).

(HOT!) For Bux.To. You will earn money ranging from US$0.001 US$0.0125. Daily, there are approximately 10-15 advertisements for you to click on. Doing simple math, you will get US$0.0125 X 15 X 30 = US$4.5 per month if you consistently click all the advertisements daily for a month.

Clixsense. It is the same concept as Bux.to, thus, you can login into these two websites and view two advertisements at one go to cut down the time.

<Paid-To-Do (PTD) Websites>
Websites: Treasure Troopers, Cashcrate<check source at bottom for link>

Treasure troopers and cashcrate pays you when you complete a task on their website – like doing a survey, sign up for an offer etc. The money they are paying is pretty descent.

<Earning through Advertisements>
Websites: Bidvertiser, Pop Up Traffic <check source at bottom for link>
If you have a personal blog or website, you can try putting advertisement on it to generate additional income.

(HOT!) For Bidvertiser, just specific area in your website to display advertisement and you earn when visitors click on the advertisement.

For Pop up Traffic, you don’t need to allocate any space, because it is a pop up advertisement and you earn by the number of visitors to your site.

<Earning through Effort>
Websites: Pay per Post, Slice the Pie, myLot, Reviewstream <check source at bottom for link>
Pay per Post is a website which actually pays you when you make post about them in your blog. They pay a minimum of US$5 to US$20, depending on the quality of the website you post it on.

SlicethePie is a website where you get paid 0.03 pence every time you listen and review music. As you get promoted to higher rank, each review by you will worth more.

(HOT!) MyLot is a forum where you get paid for posting photos, comments and responses etc. The more active you are at their site, you higher your income will be. They update your earning daily.

ReviewStream - Get paid by reviewing anything! Just write a review and post it there. Each descent review earns you US$2, while each vote from the readers earns you US$0.01.

<Earning Passively>
Websites: Yuwie, My Homepage Friend, Shareapic, CashFiesta <check source at bottom for link>
(HOT!) Yuwie is a social network that is similar to Facebook and Friendster. You get paid whenever your profile is viewed. So, the more popular you are, the more moneyyou will receive. So start by inviting all your friends there!

(HOT!) My Homepage Friend is website that pays you when you use their Yahoo! Powered search engine to search for anything. Just register a free account and set it as your default search engine, you will be earning every time you search for something!

(HOT!) ShareaPic actually pays you when your pictures uploaded there and gets viewed. So, instead of posting your photos at Facebook, Friendster or Hi-5, simply consolidate the photos and host it at Shareapic. Then, you can post links on your profile that link to your gallery, so you can get paid every time someone wants to see your lovely pictures!

Cash fiesta actually installs a tool bar which displays random advertisement at your desktop, but it will generate points every 5 seconds which can be used to redeem cash. If you do not like to have an advertisements tool bar at the top of your screen, skip Cash Fiesta.

<Getting Payment from Them>
Website: Paypal
Different websites pay you in different manner. Most require you to have a Paypal account, which is free to register. They will credit the Paypal account with your earnings and you can directly transfer fund from there to your bank account any where in this world.

<Tips : Referral System>
Most websites employ a system called ‘referral system’, which means if you refer someone to the website, and when he earns, you earn too. Getting more referral will dramatically boost your earning.

At first when you get started, it feels like these (some) sites are paying too little to be worthwhile your time. But remember, little by little, you will gather a respectable income like me - he who gathers bit by bit gathers a mountain.

Best Regards,
Creator of Earn Money Online


Earn Money Online: http://deltaswat.blogspot.com

PTC Websites:
(HOT!) Bux.to - http://bux.to/?r=deltaswat18
Clixsense- http://www.clixsense.com/?2490774

PTD Websites:
(HOT!)Treasure trooper - http://www.treasuretrooper.com/367617

Earning Through Effort:
(HOT!)myLot- http://www.mylot.com/?ref=deltasswat18
Reviewstream - http://www.reviewstream.com/writereview.php/?inv=cFBIUrD1j9IL

Earning Passively:
(HOT!)Yuwie - http://r.yuwie.com/deltaswat18/
(HOT!)My Homepage Friend - http://www.myhpf.co.uk/apply001.asp?Friend=139230
(HOT!)Shareapic - http://www.shareapic.net/ref.php?owner=deltaswat18

Money Retrieval Tools:
Paypal - https://www.paypal.com/row/mrb/pal=YMLQYVALHXJ2Y

<Due to the limitation set by Yahoo, some of the links are not listed here. Click on Earn Money Online link to find out more> 

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