Shor In The City : My career graph resembles a curve

Tusshar Kapoor is all set to make the audiences laugh their heart out with his upcoming black comedy ‘Shor In The City’. The story revolves around three interconnected stories in the midst of the noise during Ganapati festival and grime of Mumbai. The actor chats up with Yahoo! India about the film and why he doesn’t mind multi-starrers.

Excerpts from the Interview:
From 'Golmaal3' to 'Shor...' is a big shift and this looks like an intense film..
Well, it is an intense and light film at the same time. There are some serious as well as comic moments in the film. My character in the film is called Tilak who is a tapori though not a regular negative character. There are comic elements to the character and he is more sensible than the other members of his gang of crooks. He has a method to his madness and is on the path to recovery. He is sensible and mature.

We see a lot of Mumbai in the promos. Does the city also play an important role in the film?

The film uses Mumbai as the backdrop and it is about the noise in Mumbai. The noise here comes through these three stories and the city lends its character to the plot. The soul of Mumbai comes alive through these special stories.

Are these three stories interlinked?
Not exactly. They are very loosely connected through they run parallel to each other

Is your character anyway similar to the ‘Shootout in Lokhandwala’ character?
No, my character in ‘Shootout…’ was a hardcore negative character. This one is a more endearing crook. When you watch the film, you would like his personality. He has a good side too. In the course of the film, he changes and is reformed.

You have been experimenting a lot in terms of genres. From 'Golmaal3' to 'Shor…' to 'Love you Mr Kalakaar'. Is it a conscious decision?
I always look for a good script. I have no strategy as such  though I am fortunate that I got to work with so many talented directors. It is just a coincidence.

Most of your films have been multi-starrers. Do you consider them as a safe bet?
I have never really thought about that and all the good films which were offered to me were multi-starrers. In the film industry, you can never be sure about what is safe and what is not. So I have never really thought about multi- starrers as a safe bet. I always look for the right script.

After being in the industry for so many years, have you become choosy when it comes to roles and scripts?
I have learned from my past mistakes. Some of my films haven’t done well in the past but after ‘Khakee’, I have become choosy. Most of my films after that have atleast done average business, if not broken box-office records. Some of them have been blockbusters too. I have taken risks but at the same time have been selective and careful.

You already have a production house. Any plans of directing?
I am not at all interested in directing. I would rather concentrate on my acting career. May be, I will get into production some time in the future.

What has been your biggest learning curve?
The fact that I just landed in the industry without planning and learnt everything on the job. That has been my biggest learning curve. My career graph also resembles a curve. I started well, then went down and then struggled my way up. I didn’t come with any acting school background.I keep improvising everyday.

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