How to Make Money Online

There are many different ways to make money online. Some involves more time, some needs more upfront investment, some requires more effort. The important point here is this. If you really want to make money online, you should choose a business model that you are comfortable with. The most common mistake out there is simply copying a guru's business model without evaluating your own skills and talents.
Remember this - a good way to make money for someone might not mean that it's good for you! see below
1. Write An E-Book / Info-Products
This is without any slightest doubt, one of the most recommended ways to make money online by all gurus. An E-Book can become a highly profitable money making machine. It can bring you other money-making opportunities like Affiliate Programs, speaking engagements and professional service fees as you are seen as the authority in your field.
2. Promote Affiliate Programs
No product of your own? Don't worry. Hundreds and thousands of individuals are making money recommending and promoting other people's products. Definitely the best ways to make money online without having to worry about product development, shipment and customer service!
3. Sell on E-Bay
95% of the websites fail due to poor internet marketing. So if you want to do away with cumbersome internet marketing or website development, selling on E-Bay is definitely the easier route. Getting your product listed on E-Bay itself will bring you a potential of over 41 million members! The real secret is in finding hot products of low competition.
4. Sell on Yahoo Store
How about having a store open to 13 million Yahoo shoppers a day? If you are completely new to the net, Yahoo Store is you best bet of building a successful e-commerce site. You don't have to worry about designing, programming or even to a certain extent internet marketing!
5. Publish An Ezine
Ever heard the saying - the money is in the list! Publishing an ezine (eletronic magazine) will make you serious money. How? You can sell advertising space in your ezine. You can recommend other merchants' products and earn referral commission. And finally, you can also charge a subscription fee for your ezine!
6. Start A Paid Membership Site
The past one-year has witnessed the mushrooming of subscription sites. So why are people are all flocking to private membership sites? If you have searched on the net, you will know that it's getting tougher and tougher to find good quality contents on the web. A quality membership site with good contents will bring you recurring income every month!
7. Buy & Sell Web Business
Don't want to waste time starting and building your own web business? If you have a keen eye for opportunities, buying and fixing up lousy websites can very well be the fastest and easiest way to internet riches. But be warned. Unless you know the secrets, this is definitely not something for the beginners or those on a shoestring budget…
8. Freelance
Do you have skills that people will pay for? Web design, translations, book-keeping, etc.? You can post your profile on elance and start bidding for projects online!
9. Sell Software
What does Bill Gates, the world's richest man sell? Software! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a programmer to sell software. All you need is the marketing mind to get the software purchased and downloaded! Plus there are many ways to own a software besides programming it yourself!

10. Sell Advertising Space
If you can generate targeted traffic to your site, you will have advertisers swamping you! You can sell banner space or simply create a sponsored section for text links. But be warned, this is definitely not the fastest way to make money online. But having said that, once you are successful at it, you can sit back and enjoy the recurring income!
11. Speculate On Domain Names
Ever imagined you could earn a living just playing with names? Despite the dot com crash, domain names speculation is still a highly profitable and fun activity. In fact, if you take a look at Afternic or E-Bay, you will see people still bidding exorbitant amount for domain names. Since you can register a domain name for just $8.95 a year, the profit margin can go as high as 1,000% or more!
12. Join Pay To Do Programs
Do you know you can get paid for shopping, eating or answering questions? Companies like McDonalds, pay you for your opinions as a means of market research. What better way to earn money so effortlessly while enjoying all the perks like free dinner, free movies and free wardrobe!
13. Buy Resell Rights
Thousands of entrepreneurs out there are constantly on the look out for quality E-Books to sell. Get your hands on the master resale rights to these products and they will gladly pay for the rights. But be careful. A lot of the resale rights out there are worthless. You need to be able to get the resale rights to the right products!
14. Drop ship
If you plan to sell physical goods online but don't want to be troubled with the logistics of shipping and inventory management, then drop shipping is for you. When the order comes, simply notify your drop-shipping partner and they will ship the goods out to your customer directly from their warehouse. Your customers will not be able to tell the difference as the goods are often shipped with your provided company letterhead and label. You can find drop ship partners from this directory.
15. Become A Webhosting Reseller
What do all websites require? Web hosting space! The beauty of reselling web hosting is that it allows you to start a web hosting business without having to invest tons of money to setup the server farm. All you need is to market your hosting services.
16. Online Trading
If you enjoy stocks, bonds and shares, this is definitely for you! With just an internet connection, you can start making a full time income from the NYSE. Just make sure you follow a proven trading formula and you will to minimize your losses while maximizing your profits.

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