Indiscipline : Negative's and Positive's : Debate Issue

Nowadays most children believe in having things in one way and one way only - their own. And god forbid, if they do not get things the way they like, there is hell to pay. Indiscipline is rampant in society today, where it is the parents who seem more afraid of their children rather than the other way around. Parents do not seem to realise that by giving in to the child's demands, they are only making him or her more uncontrollable and a menace to society. 

Yes, indiscipline is a behavioral disorder that is classified as an act of delinquency. Just like, lying, stealing and playing truant or running away from home. It is often the cause of a lot of mental, emotional and also physical damage. Such as damage to property in homes as well as in schools. An undisciplined child is an uncontrollable child and can do just about any damage when he or she does not get whatever he or she wants.

In the home environment

Who is to blame for the way a child turns out? Is it the fault of the parents' and their faulty upbringing, peer pressures or the fault of society at large? Today's parents lay the blame completely on the demands of society. When asked why she allowed her daughter to return home after 12 a.m. at night, Mrs. Joshi revealed that as all the other parents in the compound were allowing their children out together, she could not very well stop her daughter. Besides, her daughter was not going to listen to her in any case. Mr. Joshi thought it better to adjust to the times than to lose his daughter completely. The one time that he had tried to stop his daughter from going out, she had thrown her plate of food on the floor and not eaten for two days. As you can see, parents feel helpless.
But we must try and analyse how such a situation has come about. It has been observed that most people like spending time by themselves and actually encourage their children to stay out of their hair. Maybe they are working the whole day and just want a couple of hours of peace. In this way, they begin to alienate the child, who finally reaches a stage where he or she does not need them anymore. By now, the parents finally realise that they are losing their family and support system for their old age, and begin to give in to everything that their growing teenager demands, just to keep them happy, and in his or her good books. The situation is too late to remedy at this stage.
Indiscipline at school
Over the last decade, the standards of discipline are fast deteriorating in the school environment too. School is just not what it used to be anymore as very few schools are able to maintain the same standards of behavior. May be the teachers' do not have that same confidence and commanding personality as they used to. Or maybe work pressures have increased to such a degree that all the teachers can think of is completing the curriculum on schedule. Quite obviously, most of them seem to lack the dedication to go beyond the call of duty and the syllabus and contribute to the all-round development of the child.
One can not really blame them entirely, when you observe the huge number of children in each classroom, and the added burden of two to three shifts. To top all of this, the number of subjects and books have also increased tremendously and most children are finding it difficult to cope with these extra burdens. Most parents too, reason why they send their children for tutorials and serve to further increase their load. It is a vicious circle. Not only this, today's education system does not prepare the child for employment. The curriculum is far removed from practical knowledge and this makes the child's mind and feet wander. So as we can see, the basic fault lies with the education system. 

What can or should we do?
If the child is offered practical courses that cater to his requirements, he will have a purpose and therefore less time to indulge in indisciplined behaviour. His restlessness will be curbed, as he will be better occupied.  But until then, it is the duty of the teachers to help the child to cope with the load and to find a workable solution for those children who are breaking under the pressure. The parents too can contribute by spending quality time with the child, and taking a deeper interest in what is happening at school. They should make an effort to meet the teachers and find a solution to make their children's' schooling more productive and satisfying. Once the child realises that his parents are really interested in his welfare he might be willing to meet them halfway, rather than demanding his own way all the time.

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