Samsung Galaxy Review

Samsung Galaxy is the latest mobile phone and everyone excited to find out the Samsung Galaxy review on the web. It is always expected from a company like Samsung to come up with something new every time and no doubt Samsung does keep it promise. After conquering the mobile phone arena with Samsung Corby series, Samsung has come with a series of smart phones which promises to be another impressive from Samsung. Samsung has various models under samsung galaxy series, we are giving here review of Samsung Galaxy 5.

Samsung Galaxy Review

The year 2010 saw the arrival of Samsung Galaxy 5 smart phone which has truly changed the vision of mobile phones. The following is the detail Samsung Galaxy review part wise.

Samsung Galaxy Design Review

Samsung galaxy 5 is very unique and has a texture and shape which is very much different from the traditional smart phones. The phone seems to be an incarnation of Samsung’s Corby which is very sleek. The shape of the phone trims down as one gradually moves to the end of the phone. The phone is designed in the traditional Samsung way of having a glossy plastic material for covering the back area of the phone. The phone can be said as below average in respect of looks but when it comes to display of the phone, the phone is over whelming and attracts every generation. The phone has a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen which allows great screen touch use.

Samsung Galaxy Interface

The phone operates on Android 2.1 which acts the soul of the phone and renders great experience to the users. TouchWiz 3.0 has also made some significant contribution towards the superiority of the touch use interface.

Samsung Galaxy Camera and multimedia

Samsung Galaxy 5 comes with a 2 MP camera which offers great photo capture and video recording. The camera allows additional functions such as multiple shots and also other forms of shots which include shots in negative, sepia and grayscale form. The phone shoots videos at 15fps which is very good from an android phone’s version.

Samsung Galaxy models

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000
Samsung Captivate Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy 3
Samsung Galaxy 5
Samsung Galaxy Apollo
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Mobile Price List in India
Samsung Galaxy Music Review

The music player in the phone is also very good which allows choice of tracks and selection among various playlists that yet again proves the user friendliness of the Smartphone. Presence of 3.5 mm headphones is also a key component as it can very well be used with other kinds of headphones which have the same jack. This adds flexibility in operations of the phones and its use.

Battery and performance

The phone runs on a 1200mAh battery which has a talktime of 9.5 hours and on standby basis the phone can go for 520 hours. The phone has also been provided with a better connectivity system which includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. All these packages makes it an ideal Smart phone to purchase, added to it, addition of internet browser helps one to stay connected to the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

Samsung Galaxy Price

Samsung Galaxy 5 is priced somewhere around Rs. 8,000 and it makes it an ideal item which needs to purchased at any cost. The facility provided in such a range is almost like a steal where people should think themselves to be lucky in availing such phone at such low prices. (See: Samsung Galaxy Price in India) The camera could have been better but still it is not bad along with the configuration of the phone. Rating would be 8 out of 10.

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