Lao Ya Jao : Anna Hazare's New Slogan

Lao Ya Jao : Anna Hazare's New Slogan

Anna warns Govt: Introduce our Lokpal Bill or quit [Lao Ya Jao]
New Delhi: 50,000 people came together on Sunday evening to let Anna Hazare know they support his fight against corruption. They gathered at his base camp in Delhi and listened spellbound to his evening address at 8 pm. "Let it be clear to the government," Anna said, on the sixth day of his fast. "Introduce our Lokpal Bill or quit." (Read: Who is Anna Hazare?) | (Read: What is Jan Lokpal Bill?)

Through the day, as the crowds grew in strength, the government sent a couple of emissaries to negotiate with Anna's associates for a possible breakthrough.

The Gandhian's speech suggested a compromise is not imminent. He repeated that his deadline stands - unless the Jan lokpal Bill is passed by August 30, he said, there will be a bigger revolution.

At India Gate, a sea of candles held their own against the night sky. "I have sacrificed much for this country," Anna said, "but look at what you have given me. I did not marry so I could serve India, but you are my family." And in a clear reprimand to recent allegations of corruption made against him by Congress party spokespersons, he stressed, "In 74 years, my record remains unblemished. That reputation is my weapon in this war against corruption."

Anna and his aides have warned since Friday evening that the government must not just consider their Lokpal Bill, but pass it by the end of the month. As India took to the streets in different cities, many pointed out that Team Anna is undermining Parliamentary processes, that the deadline imposed is unrealistic, and that a group of non-elected representatives of civil society cannot have their Bill considered in Parliament when the Government's version of the same Bill has been introduced and is being studied by a committee that includes representatives of different parties.

Anna's response has been that the Government's Bill to tackle corruption is so flimsy that it must be accepted as "a betrayal of the nation."

In some sort of deference to the massive public support for Anna, the Prime Minister said yesterday that there is room for "lot of scope for give and take." Other representatives of the Government also suggested that Team Anna will be asked to offer their suggestions to the Standing Committee that's scrutinising the Lokpal Bill. Attempts at behind-the-scenes bargaining seem fruitless so far. Anna's associate, Arvind Kejriwal said, "For six days, Anna has been fasting but no proposal has come from the government (for talks). From tomorrow, we will sit outside the homes of MPs and ministers and tell them "if you don't pass the Bill then don't come to ask for votes."

Meant to tackle venality in public office, the Bill provides for an ombudsman committee that will have nine members and will investigate charges of corruption. The dispute between Team Anna and the Government is over how this panel would be selected, the range of its powers, and whether the PM's office and senior judges can be held accountable to it.

The government's Bill excludes the PM while in office from the purview of the Lokpal; activists and the BJP say that's unacceptable.

Looking for an early resolution, sources say, the government is making efforts to hold back-channel talks with the Gandhian. Sources have also told NDTV that the spiritual guru to Maharashtra leaders, Bhayyu Maharaj, has been selected as the main negotiator between the Government and Anna Hazare. They also say that Bhayyu Maharaj met Mr Hazare, alone, for an hour today. (Read: Government begins back-channel talks with Anna)

Sources say the Government offered Team Anna four months time for the Lokpal Bill to be passed and also said it will put the Jan Lokpal Bill in front of the Standing Committee. Team Anna has, however, turned these offers down.

As part of the government strategy to engage with people who are associated with Mr Hazare in Maharashtra, Umesh Chandra Sarangi, Additional Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, is also in Delhi where he met Mr Hazare and his team.

Mr Sarangi had two rounds of meetings with Mr Hazare. Team Anna, however, ruled out any compromise on its demand for bringing Prime Minister and higher judiciary within Lokpal's ambit
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3rd Test : India Vs England : Swann on Sehwag

Sehwag the saviour?
England look to make it three out of three, but can the return of Sehwag rejuvenate India? Also, Zimbabwe make a splash on the Test scene, and county cricket prepares to lose a master sledger. (37:12)
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WASHINGTON: As the search for stability in Afghanistan intensifies, the threat of violence and a wider conflagration is growing. In an effort to secure a dominant position in Afghanistan and blunt India’s rise, Pakistan has mobilized militants and terrorists on both sides of its borders. While the Afghan Taliban fighting US and NATO forces continue to enjoy Pakistan’s support, Islamabad has exchanged its previous policy of supporting anti-Indian insurgencies with that of supporting terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which mounted the deadly assault on Mumbai in 2008. With tension persisting between the two South Asian rivals, this tactic not only increases the prospect of major war between New Delhi and Islamabad, but, given Lashkar’s growing reach, could have global consequences.
The disruption of the India-Pakistan peace process, which has remained frozen since the Mumbai attack, is due principally to Pakistan’s unwillingness to bring to justice the Lashkar leadership, which has enjoyed the support of the country’s powerful intelligence organization – Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). After almost two decades of punting, many Pakistanis today – academics, policy analysts, and even officials – concede that fomenting insurgencies within India has been a main component of Pakistan’s national strategy. But that late admission comes long after Pakistan’s military establishment moved to replace its failed strategy of encouraging insurgencies with the more lethal device of unleashing terrorism.
The disruption of the India-Pakistan peace process is due principally to Pakistan’s unwillingness to bring to justice the Lashkar leadership.
Since its formation in 1947, Pakistan has sought to stir up insurgencies within India. The earliest efforts in 1947-48 centered on provoking insurrections in Jammu and Kashmir in hopes that an internal rebellion would permit the seizure of this disputed state. These efforts failed miserably: through three major conflicts with India, the people of Kashmir stayed loyal to New Delhi. After Pakistan’s defeat in the 1971 war, Islamabad attempted to stoke other secessionist movements, this time not for any territorial gains but merely to avenge its humiliation. But this effort too was beaten back by the Indian state. Finally, in 1989, when the first genuinely Kashmiri uprising against New Delhi broke out, Islamabad quickly threw its support behind the insurgents who were led by the secular Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). This revolt, however, was quickly overpowered by the Indian Army by 1993 – and the defeat forced the momentous change in Islamabad’s strategy.
Flushed with confidence flowing from the success of the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan during the 1980s, Pakistan sought to replicate in the east what it had managed in the west, namely, the defeat of a great power larger than itself. Using the same instruments as before – radical Islamist groups that had sprung up throughout Pakistan – Pakistan’s ISI pushed into Jammu and Kashmir for the first time in 1993 with combat-hardened aliens tasked to inflict large-scale murder and mayhem.
Through this act, Pakistan’s traditional strategy of fomenting insurgencies finally gave way to a new approach, namely, fomenting terrorism (an instrument that most Pakistanis still refuse to acknowledge). No longer would Pakistan rely on dissatisfied indigenous populations to advance Islamabad’s interests; rather, vicious bands of Islamic terrorists, most of whom had little or no connection to any existing grievances with India, would be unleashed indiscriminately to kill large numbers of civilians.
Flushed with confidence flowing from the success of the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan during the 1980s, Pakistan sought to replicate in the east what it had managed in the west.
From 1996, these attacks were deliberately extended at ISI’s behest throughout India and of all the myriad terrorist organizations involved, none enjoyed greater state support than Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). LeT has now sprung to international attention because of the bloodbath in Mumbai in November 2008, but the group has been active in South Asia since 1987, first in Afghanistan and thereafter in India.
Of all the terrorist groups ISI has sponsored over the years, LeT has been especially favored because its dominant Punjabi composition matched the primary ethnicity of the Pakistani Army and ISI; and its puritanical Salafism undergirded its willingness to engage in risky military operations throughout India. Many in ISI are deeply sympathetic to LeT’s vision of recovering “lost Muslim lands” in Asia and Europe and resurrecting a universal Islamic Caliphate through the instrument of jihad.
Although Pakistani propaganda often asserts that LeT is a Kashmiri organization moved by the Kashmiri cause, it is nothing of the kind. The 3,000-odd foot soldiers who man its fighting ranks are drawn primarily from the Pakistani Punjab. Indian intelligence today estimates that LeT maintains some kind of presence in twenty-one countries worldwide with the intention of supporting or participating in what its leader Hafeez Saeed has called the perpetual “jihad against the infidels.” Consequently, LeT’s operations in and around India, which often receive the most attention, are only part of a large pastiche that has taken LeT operatives and soldiers as far afield as Australia, Canada, Chechnya, China, Eritrea, Kosovo, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and even the US.
Washington has now reached the conclusion that LeT represents a threat to America’s national interests second only to Al Qaeda and in fact exceeds the latter by many measures.
Given the organization’s vast presence, its prolific capacity to raise funds worldwide, and its ability to conduct militant activities at great distances from its home base, LeT has become ISI’s preferred instrument for its ongoing covert war with India. This includes the campaign that Pakistan is currently waging against the Indian presence in Afghanistan and against US counterinsurgency efforts in that country. Active LeT operations in Pakistan’s northwestern border areas involve close collaboration with Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, and Jamiat al-Dawa al-Quran wal-Sunna. Thanks to these activities and others worldwide, Washington has now reached the conclusion that LeT represents a threat to America’s national interests second only to Al Qaeda and in fact exceeds the latter by many measures.
Based on this judgment, President Barack Obama has told Pakistan’s President Asif Zardari that targeting LeT would be one of his key conditions for a renewed US strategic partnership with Pakistan. Thus far, however, the Pakistani military, which still rules Pakistan even though it does not formally govern, has been non-responsive, preferring instead to emphasize the threat India supposedly poses to Pakistan – thereby implicitly justifying ISI’s continued reliance on terrorism – while demanding further US assistance. Such a demand is intended to inveigle the US into Pakistan’s relentless competition with India. The military’s dismissal of Obama’s injunctions regarding LeT are driven at least partly by its belief that all US warnings are little other than special pleading on the behalf of India.
The Pakistani military has no interest in dismantling any terrorist assets that it believes serve it well.
Since assaulting India has become a quite satisfying end in itself, the Pakistani establishment has no incentive whatsoever to interdict this group. To the degree that ISI has attempted to control LeT, it is mainly to prevent excessive embarrassment to its sponsors or serious crises leading to war. But outside of these aims, the Pakistani military has no interest in dismantling any terrorist assets that it believes serve it well.
Military leaders in Rawalpindi have thus not only failed to understand that American concerns about LeT derive fundamentally from its own growing conviction that the group’s activities worldwide make it a direct threat to the US, but they also continue to harbor the illusion that their current strategy of unleashing terrorism will enervate India, push it out of Afghanistan, and weaken US stabilization efforts there. Such a strategy is designed to make Islamabad the kingmaker in determining Kabul’s future. This too promises to become one more in the long line of cruel illusions that has gripped Pakistan since its founding.
Ashley J. Tellis is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the author of “Reconciling with the Taliban? Toward an Alternative Grand Strategy in Afghanistan.”
As seen on : http:\\

2012: Truth, Fiction, and the Popular Imagination

This is the first post of a multi-part blog series from CyArk on the 2012 phenomenon that has exploded across popular literature, the internet, television, and now film. As the date itself has its base in an ancient calendar of the Maya people of Central America, we hope to provide an archaeological/anthropological critique of the phenomenon and perhaps clear up some misconceptions. We recommend reading the blog entries in sequence, but if you wish to skip ahead to any of the individual entries just click on the appropriate subject: Millenarianism (apocalyptic thought) , New Age Predictions , The Maya People , The Maya Calendars , Maya Predictions , and Archaeology in Hollywood .

I bet you've seen the posters - Aerial views of major cities crushed by a variety of natural disasters, giant waves rushing over the highest peaks of the Himalayas, and the headline "We Were Warned" above an enormous number 2012 written in a silver font that is both metallic and stone-like at the same time. It all looks pretty exciting (who doesn't get a vicarious thrill out of having a Godzilla's eye-view of our civilization's demise?), but what exactly is going on here? Well, 2012 is a flashy, big-budget disaster movie due to be released on November 13, 2009; according to a wave of advance publicity materials the film's premise focuses on a small band of humans struggling to survive in the aftermath of an enormous global apocalypse. A website designed around a fictional organization, The Institute for Human Continuity , details the efforts of a convincing-looking group of concerned scientists, businesspeople, and world leaders to inform the public about the upcoming cataclysm ("confirmed with 94% certainty") and to "...develop plans to guarantee the survival of the human race" (both quotes from the IHC website). While films dealing with the looming threat of global apocalypse have been quite common and popular since the 1950s, the twist with 2012 is that it plays to questions surrounding a previously-obscure phenomenon that is beginning to loom large in the public imagination: What is the significance of the upcoming year that bears its namesake?

Sources of Confusion

In the much-studied (but not easily-understood) Long Count calendar from the ancient Maya culture of Central America, the Gregorian calendar date of December 21st (or possibly 23rd) in 2012 CE correlates to 4 Ahau 3 Kank'in, the ending of a 5125-year period of 13 B'ak'tuns (measuring approximately 395 years each) since the "zero date" of 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk’u, which equals the Gregorian date of August 11th (or possibly 13th), 3114 BCE. This earlier date is frequently referenced in inscriptions on Maya monuments such as the Temple of the Cross at Palenque (Rice, pp. 467-48)scholars have determined from references to earlier cycles that after 13B'ak'tuns the "zero date" is reset, like an odometer or clock striking midnight, and the count begins again from a new "zero date" as it has in the past (Montgomery pp. 85-86; Van Stone, Appendix/Part IV). The publicity materials and websites for the film 2012 concoct a heady stew of correlations between their own fanciful ideas about this date of significance in the Maya calendar and other purported predictions of immanent apocalypse from European, African, and Asian belief systems.

While this unwieldy amalgamation of ideas is unambiguously a product of fiction writers in Hollywood, these writers have drawn inspiration from a growing school of thought that has coalesced in recent decades outside the entertainment industry; adherents to this school of thought, however, do not consider their conclusions to be restricted to the arena of fantasy. Thanks to their own tireless efforts at self-publicity and the prominence of popular media such as the film 2012, many of the highly-speculative conclusions of these theorists have begun to loom very large in the minds of the general public, and consequently the lines between fact and fiction have begun to blur. These compelling but artificial amalgamations of ideas from disparate cultures, packaged as legitimate research, have made the job of educating the public an often needlessly complicated task for anthropological+archaeological experts in the field who have spent their lives conducting peer-reviewed, careful research on ancient and modern Maya people.

Discovering the Truth

This is the first article in a series of posts that will hopefully clear up some misconceptions about the upcoming "zero date" in 2012 by unraveling some of the tangle of often-contradictory information we do have. A disparate collection of answers as to what the significance of this controversial date represents have been proposed from a wide range of sources, from New Age theorists to astrological enthusiasts to academic scholars to modern-day Maya timekeepers themselves. One thing they all have in common is the recognizance that this upcoming date is making a strong impression on a growing number of people, and that much of this impression is based on a belief that the world as we know it is about to undergo some sort of profound change. But what (if anything) is really predicted about this change, and why do so many people think that these predictions have validity?

To gain some understanding of why the idea of 2012 as a phenomenon is gaining such traction and widespread, viral popularity in our modern culture (particularly in Western countries such as the United States), we have to look at several factors:
First: We must examine our beliefs pertaining to The End Of The World in its various guises, as well as other beliefs regarding the desire for a supernaturally rapid social/spiritual transformation on a mass scale, and find out more about those who encourage these beliefs.
Second: We must discover what is actually known of the Maya themselves and their beliefs (particularly pertaining to their calendar), and consider the most credible interpretations of the information we do possess on their works.
Finally: We must look at the role of Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry in using creative interpretations of science, history, culture, and archaeology to deliver a sensational product to thrill mass numbers of people; all while making the end product appear as plausible as necessary to suspend the audience's disbelief.

To understand these three factors, we must suspend any of our own preconceptions about the 2012 phenomenon for a moment (assuming that we have any) and attempt to look at this unwieldy picture of impending doom and/or spiritual transformation from outside of its frame, replete with all of its clashing colors and questionable juxtapositions.

Over the next month, I will be discussing some possible interpretations of this much-debated upcoming date over several upcoming blog entries. The first entry, coming next Friday, takes a look at the views of modern people who are, for various reasons, heavily invested in the idea that something major is going to happen on December 21st (or 23rd!), 2012 C.E. So stay tuned here at CyArk for more to come; and don't get out your crystals or start climbing into your fortified subterranean bunkers just yet!

Unless, of course, that makes you more comfortable...


Rice, Prudence M. (2007). Maya Calendar Origins: Monuments, Mythistory, and the Materialization of Time. Austin:University of Texas Press.

Montgomery, John (2003). Cycles in Time: The Maya Calendar. Antigua (Guatemala):Editorial Laura Lee.

Van Stone, Mark (2008). It's Not the End of the World: What the Ancient Maya Tell Us About 2012. Located online at the Foundation For The Advancement Of Mesoamerican Studies website .

Carrasco, Michael (2008). Unaahil B'aak: The Temples of Palenque. Located online on the Wesleyan University website 
READ MORE - 2012: Truth, Fiction, and the Popular Imagination

RANI LAKSHMI BAI (1835 - 1858)

JHANSI KI RANI was the great heroine of the First War of Indian Freedom. She became a widow at the tender age of 18 and lived only till 22 yet she has inspired many and is still a living legend. She was the embodiment of patriotism, self-respect and heroism. Her life is a thrilling story of womanliness, courage, adventure, deathless patriotism and martyrdom. In her tender body there was a lions spirit.

At birth she was named Manu. The young Manu, unfortunately she lost her mother when she was only four. The entire duty of bringing up the daughter fell on her father. Along with formal education she acquired the skill in sword fighting, horse riding and shooting. Manu later became the wife of Gangadhar Rao, Maharaj of Jhansi, in 1842. From then on she was known as Maharani Laksmi Bai of Jhansi.

In 1851 Maharani Lakshmi Bai bore a son but her fate was cruel and she lost her child within three months. The Maharaja passed away on the 21st November 1853. Although prior to this the Maharaja and Maharani adopted a boy the British government claimed they did not recognise the right of the adopted boy. Thus they tried to buy off the Rani however she stated: "No, impossible! I shall not surrender my Jhansi!"It did not take her long to realise how difficult it was for the small state of Jhansi to oppose the British when even the Peshwas and Kings of Delhi had bowed down to the British Demands. The Rani’s battle now was against the British who had cunningly taken her kingdom from her.

After the British took over her government her daily routine changed. Every morning from 4am to 8am were set apart for bathing, worship, meditation and prayer. From 8am to 11am she would go out for a horse ride, practise shooting, and practise swordmanship and shooting with the reins held on her teeth. Thereafter she would bathe again, feed the hungry, give alms to the poor and then have food; then rested for a while. After that she would chant the Ramanyan. She would then exercise lightly in the evening. Later she would go through some religious books and hear religious sermons. Then she worshipped her chosen deity and had supper. All things were done methodically, according to her strict timetable. Such a dedicated and devoted women!

All these disciplined and training patterns came in use during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. Many lives were lost and innocence people killed. Although Bharat did not gain independence the Rani did win back Jhansi and created the state to its former glory having a full treasury and army of women matching the army of men. However Sir Hugh Rose attacked Jhansi on 17th March 1858. The next day’s battle was the Rani’s last. Her death was heroic, her army had declined as they were out numbered by the opposition. The British Army had encircled her and her men. There was no escape blood was flowing, darkness was approaching. The British army was pursuing her. After a great struggle the Rani died muttering quotes from the Bhagvad Gita.

When she went to War and took up arms she was the very embodiment of the War Goddess Kali. She was beautiful and frail. But her radiance made men diffident. She was young in years, but her decisions were mature. Such an confident and dominant women! A lesson is to be learnt for us all from her experiences! The words of the British General Sir Hugh Rose who fought against the Maharani several times and was defeated time and time again stated: "Of the mutineers the bravest and the greatest commander was the Rani".

Parrot ck3100 said...

We bow such great woman who sacrifice their life for the nation. When women decide something she can do it which men can't do. Their piousness, mercy, and tolerance is great.
Rani laskshmibai was great women which shows that still each and every women of the world can do anything and everything if they decide firmly.

Anonymous said...

I admire Rani Lakshmibai immensely. was wondering if you would know the name of her horse? surprisingly there is no mention of it anywhere unlike "chetak"!

Andy said...

Does jhansi ki rani..! does she have any double role in his personal life, or any kind of duplicate in real story, could any one please solve my query.

Anonymous said...

@Andy , I don't think there was any duplicate rani.. The serial that comes in Zee is just adding some commercial elements to the story.

Anonymous said... for a marathi article on women in ancient india

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed it is an understatement
to say she was a legend, she is the epitome of all that a great and good human being should be.
I would lke to know more about her descendants, as I am doing research on her.Long live the glory
of this great Indian woman

sravanajyothi said...


VijiVijay said...

Being a women iam proud on Rani lakshmi bai, i admire her a lot. at times i feel all women should have the fire inside like Rani Lakshmi Bai to leed a life to aquire not only the freedom of our motherland but also freedom to live with selfrespects.

Professor said...

Dr.Vallioor K S Sridharan

Rani Lakshmibai , the Queen of Jhansi
to be adorned by every Indian woman.Being Scorpio Born , she was resourceful , pious ,virtuous outspoken , determionistic and a valiant fighter.She had appeared to be straightforward and magnanimous against the Cunning British and some Indians at that time.She had infact fought a straight battle with her Indian and Britis opponents.Perhaps , given a good plan, a military strategy she would have driven the British out with the help of her friend Tantya Toppe.But it was not to be because of the reaosn already mentioned.
May Her Soul rest i peace.wayis

Professor said...

Rani Lakshmibai , the Queen of Jhansito be adorned by every Indian woman.Being Scorpio Born , she was resourceful , pious ,virtuous outspoken , deterministic and a valiant fighter.She had appeared to be straightforward and magnanimous against the Cunning British and some Indians at that time.She had infact fought a straight battle with her Indian and British opponents.Perhaps , given a good plan, a military strategy she would have driven the British out with the help of her friend Tantya Toppe.But it was not to be because of the reason already mentioned.
May Her Soul rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

Who says that the Rani is dead ? She is still alive in the Indian Hearts , She will never die. She is my ideal.

divya sasidharan said...

i adore her for what she was!i have always felt that she is in every indian women....her courage,wisdom and vision for hindustan is truly many of us have the guts to die for our country...the freedom we enjoy is the life of persons like lekshmi bai,and other dont misuse it...remember not to take it for granted,in every step we enjoy liberty,but what did they get in return.they couldnt even enjoy the freedom they deserved.....long live her inspiration in every indian...vante mataram!

Chinmayee said... the query above Her horsewas named-"pavan" The horse unfortuanately died after the 3 day long journey made bye rani laxmibai to get out of jhansi when sir huge rose attacked Jhansi. She had to use a new horse which was afraid of water and failed her when she tried to cross the river to escape the british troops.She died as she couldn't cross the river.You should read Swatantryaveer Savarkar's book the uprising of 1857..

Anindita said...

Jhansi ki rani is a symbol of commitment,passion and love for the country.Its not about being a man or a woman,she symbolises that when a person has a purpose in life and the courage to pursue it no matter the body is of a man or a woman,no matter what the conditions are and no matter how hard life is on you,the soul gives you the strength to carry on,stick to your commitments and nobody can stop you.

rekha said...

rekha bansal
rani luxmi bhai is great lady
Who says that the Rani is dead ? She is still alive in the Indian Hearts , She will never die. She is my ideal.

Anonymous said...

we indians should be proud of her if you are watching the serial in zee tv you can see that as she escapes from one obstacle the other comes her way

as an answer to one of the quotes above the serial in zee is not adding any circumstances

Lalu(h) said...

jahnsi rani lakshmi bai is very good queen in indian history and i am very proud to say that i am an indian...lalu

Lalu(h) said...

our indian women should feel proud about jhansi rani lakshmi bai she is very bravic women who sacrifies her life for the freedom from the britishers and now we r feeling independent india from the british. such a daring lady in indian history.

Alla bakash said...

jhansi lakshmi bai is freedom fighter in indian history. i am very proud to about lakshmi bai as a indiam queen

bhuvana.m said...

jhansi rani lakshmi bai was a great woman. i am very proud to be an woman.i am the big fan of jhansi rani lakshmi bai..........

sadhana reddy said...

we r proud 2 be such a great freedom fighter of women of our india country salute to her...........i m great fan her........... she inspired alot people of woman.......................

Akansha Garg said...

Now i feel vry honorable to be called as Jhansi Ki Rani by my collegemates....

Anonymous said...

proud to be a women

swet said...

she is really brave..i love this srory...i salute to jhansi ki rani she gave her life for freedon of india against white peoples....

madhu said...

jhansi laxmi bai is a great lady n freedom fighter...she didn't die,she lives forever in the hearts of every indian..she is my idol n my aspiration..i salute to jhansi laxmi bai

sampad das said...

i m proud tht we had nd hve a queen like Maha Rani Laxmi Bai...she is alwyz alive among all true Indian's. at the same time m vry unhappy bcs many indian hve forgtn abt the gr8 freedom fi8trs who had sacrified thr lives to get independence... i request indian pls dont sell our loyal...nd make our country strong nd proud... Jai Hind.. love u...

sasi said...

i love rani laxmi bai only because of her boldness and braveness.she is a rocking star in indian history.

abinaya said...

i like JHANZI RANI becoz she got a good father, guru, friends and even her lifepartner.. she s very bold.. she sacrifices her while life 4 our country INDIA... i proud 2 be say i'm her follower... i love my country...

Yogesh said...

i m proud tht we had nd hve a queen like Maha Rani Laxmi Bai...she is alwyz alive among all true Indian's. at the same time m vry unhappy bcs many indian hve forgtn abt the gr8 freedom fi8trs who had sacrified thr lives to get independence... i request indian pls dont sell our loyal...nd make our country strong nd proud... Jai Hind.. love u...

Anonymous said...

proud to be born in RANI LAKSHMI BAIS COUNTRY.She will always live in the heart of all INDIANS. PROUD to be a WOMEN.

ndy peters said...

Must confess rani laxmi bai waz a rare gem @ d point in which most colonies under d british rule were helpless , she stood out wiv her courage n bravery , n died a honourable death , but neva really heard bout her until zee did a serie n quite dissapointin considerin d fact dat am an history, shd do more awareness bout her, Hail lord Mahadeh

rupali mehta said...


Anonymous said...

The names ...Nelson and others in British army during Jhansi Ki Rani period, really make me feel hated on them. As an Indian citizens, Never trust Britishers and never try to send our children to their place for works, as I feel like that.

Kailash said...

Really, the Britishers were found to be cruel and most cunning creature in the world.(After veiwing full episode of JHANSI KI RANI. If those were the case, then we the Indian Citizens should never forget the cruelty and cunningness during the regime or whatever they done before Independence of HINDUSTHAN.

Anonymous said...

rani lakshmibai , a great woman sacrifised everything for the country , we should salute her .


Anonymous said...


Mythili said...

I respect Rani Lakshmi bai and all her good thoughts and works. I like her boldness and breavness. She still lives in our hearts.

divya said...

i like her a lot and i salute her because she so brave when she lost her son,husband,father and mother. she is called as the goddesses kali. i have a doubt after jhansi ki rani death did british people live india and after her the adopted son of her[anand] to which country he became the king.

abdul said...

i like her a lot

Anonymous said...

jhansi lakshmibai,she is very great woman.she sacrificed everything for nation.Every indian should proud of her.she is alive in my heart.

Ruthvik said...

handsoff to ranilakshmi bai. through this we can say britishers are nothing in front of her. after evry battle her quote for the britishers was bhag firangi bhag... i hope shes born again and get some awareness for the future generations.jai hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jhansi ki rani was the best is the best and will remain best one can become like her in this world.

Himani Vyas said...


Mansi said...

I respect JHANSI KI RANI a lot.I bow to her . BRILLIANT!!!. I want to become like her.

Anonymous said...

@ ANDI rani's best friend acted as a double to help rani escape the fort

Anonymous said...

she was an exemplary freedom fighter
as even being a girl child, she opposed all the superstitions and contributed a lot in our freedom struggle against the east india company.

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