Earn money online – Know the surveys

To earn money through my website I have given detailed instruction on how to make many accounts and then earn money online through those accounts . In this post i am going to discuss some tricks and inside information on how to maximize your earning.
So first lets discuss about the king of surveys that pay you a lot of money and the ones that don’t.
Bellow is a short list of surveys that normally appear when you open your home page .
1. A Study about IT Desicion Maker 1500 Enter
2. A Study about Decision Maker 1000 Enter
3. A Study about VP 500 Enter
4. A Study about Travelling 500 Enter
5. A Study about Auto 1000 Enter

The 1st survey is a good one as it normally takes just 10 to 15 minutes and pays RS 150.
The 2nd one is also good as it takes about 10 minuts and pays Rs 100 .
The 3rd one is a bit tricky because though it only takes about 5 minutes to complete but it has a lot of trick questions which may stop your survey in the middle .
The 4th one is about traveling and this survey is also very hard to finish because of all the trick questions it has.

The 5th one is the worst survey of all . It never pays you anything . It will always stop you mid way . So i advise that don’t wast your time on survey titled “A Study about Auto”.
Another thing i wanted to share is that before you begin any survey read its description carefully and fill the survey according to its needs to earn the most out of your surveys .

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