Introduction to the concept of earning online in India

The biggest problem in earning money online is scams. The thing is the number of scam sites are much more than genuine websites which do pay you money. So, how will you identify is a website is genuine or scam? The answer is simple .A fake website will try to get you to pay them instead of them paying you or advertise that you can earn thousands of dollars by simply clicking adds.

Genuine websites will never ask for any money and will never promise to pay thousands of dollars for your few minutes of work. Genuine online earning programs offer tasks like taking surveys. But I have seen many fake survey sites which give nothing but spam in your inbox. The best way to find out if a website is genuine or fake is looking for some proof of payment. All genuine sites have a long list of users who got paid through them, so look for such a list on the website.

Most of the people who work online by survey sites use many websites at a time (since each site pays small amounts). The problem with this is that when you join survey sites in large number (say 15) there is a big chance that out of those 15 websites 6 or 7 turns out to be scams. So all the experienced online survey earners try to make multiple accounts on a website that is genuine and pays them. This is a bit tricky because all the genuine websites use some sort of method to stop people from making multiple accounts.

In India I have found that only one website pays in good amounts .The name of the website is Ipanelonline . So if you want to earn good amount money online in India you have to figure out a way to make multiple accounts on ipanelonline . The average money people earn from ipanelonline is about RS 2000.

So if you make 10 accounts you will earn RS 2000 X 10 = Rs 20,000 per month online by spending 1-2 hours on internet every day.

The bad news is that they use a very strict security system to prevent users from making multiple accounts.

The good news is that there is a way to make multiple accounts on ipanelonline. The detailed tutorial is available on (it’s free). Using this tutorial anyone can start earning money online in India in just 15 minutes

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