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NEW DELHI, INDIA: For a developing economy, India the low-cost computing device is no more a dream. A tablet PC for Rs. 1,700 ($35) is a reality. To be called Aakash (meaning sky), the ultra low-cost tablet PC will be indigenously manufactured in India.
Kapil Sibal, minister for communications, IT and HRD will unveil it in New Delhi on October 5.

With initial focus on inclusive education, the Indian government is literally accomplishing its endeavor for e-empowerment.
Created for use by students, the tablet with Web-enabled platform, that eliminates the typical software and hardware architectures, will be given free in schools and colleges.

Though it doesn't have a hard drive, a memory card can be used to store data.
A Canadian company, Datawind that develops wireless access devices, will manufacture it in its Noida facility on a contractual basis with the government. STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor producer will facilitate core processor in these ultra low-cost tablet PC devices.

According to sources, the manufacture cost of the device is Rs. 3,000.
The tablet will be run on Google's Android platform with Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage. It will also have 256MB of RAM and a 32GB expandable memory and two USB ports, sources added.

Speaking to CIOL, Dr Roop N Bharadwaj (ITS) of ITU-APT Foundation of India said that it's a right step in the right direction.

"This ultra low-cost device was much awaited that could empower 1 billion Indians," he said.
"This tablet PC will be a game changer and will prove to be good for the ICT industry as well," Bharadwaj believes. He also said that it will facilitate the Internet penetration in the country and help industry to grow at par with mobile penetration.
The manufacturing cost would be close to Rs. 3,000 but due to subsidies and tax waivers, prices have come down to Rs. 1,700. The government has plans to manufacture one lakh PC devices in the first phase and 10 lakh in the second phase.

However, there are mixed reactions to the launch. R Sivakumar, MD (sales and marketing), Intel South Asia, said that they are looking forward to it. “As the ecosystem develops, we can look forward for such devices,” he said, adding focus on education sector is a commendable initiative by the government of India.
Intel has partnership with government on many occasions but for such a breakthrough product, the chip major said that it’ll explore the opportunities since education vertical is one of the growing markets in India.

WS Mukund, MD, Acer India, said that the industry should wait till it actually comes out as he is apprehensive on price points and said it’s early to comment.
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indianist said...

The cheap Computer in India is Aakash Tablet PC has been launched to provide the cheapest of its kind at a price of Rs. 2500. The bookings are open online and the Tablet will be delivered with in a week's time.

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