RPSC MOCK Test Assessment 2011

Please read the following instructions carefully

How to take the exam?
The clock has been set at server and count down timer at the top right corner of the screen will display left out time to closure from where you can monitor time you have to complete the exam.
Click one of the answer option buttons to select your answer.
To change an answer, simply click the desired option button.
Click on RESET button to deselect a chosen answer.
Click on SAVE & NEXT to save the answer before moving to the next question. The next question will automatically be displayed.
Click on SKIP to move to the next question without saving the current question.
Click on MARK FOR REVIEW to review your answer at later stage.
To see a given question in another language,click on the View in drop-down and select the desired language.
Make sure you click on SAVE & NEXT button everytime you want to save your answer.
To go to a question, click on the question number on the right side of the screen.
The color coded diagram on the right side of the screen shows the status of the questions :

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