Eve-Teasing : Latest threat to Modern City Life, Concerning India nasty!!!

become well-known personalities, though sadly only posthumously. Their lives were snatched in a cruel twist of fate, by some 'eve-teasers'. 'Eve-teasing' is probably one of the euphemistic terms in popular vogue today, while masking a problem that is considerably more serious.

'Eve-teasing' evokes romanticized notions of Bollywood cliche, wherein the hero teases the heroine as part of the wooing process and invariably, the latter succumbs to his 'masculine' charms. The problem that real women encounter in packed buses and trains, in restaurants and bars, virtually anywhere outside their homes, is hardly romantic. It is indubitable sexual harassment of women, irrespective of any demographic profile. In extreme instances, like in cases of Priyadarshini Mattoo,

Madhumita Shukla, Shivani Bhatnagar, etc, it becomes pure and simple 'culpable homicide amounting to murder', and not the milder (and more romantic) 'crime of passion'. The question is 'How does it all end, if at all'?

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