10 things your guy doesn’t want you to know

Men usually are aware of their conquest and keep a count of it. Guys usually don't like giving their current lover a running tally of conquests. As they think that doing so will only upset her and will put him at the risk of spending the night alone.
There is a saying that one shouldn't ask a woman about her age, and one shouldn't ask a man about his salary; guys do want to stick to that unless they are rich brats.
Most men have some secret stash hidden somewhere. Be it porn, or some things related to their past, these items are hidden simply because they don't want you to see them. So, stop poking around into his personal belongings, unless you fear that he is a serial killer.
Maybe your guy cries during emotional scenes in movies... but you should never find out. If the girl does, she'll start making harmless jokes at his expense, which he might not take it well. 
Men will never concede that they go to strip clubs, for obvious reasons. And if he is a regular, then just forget about it. Why he goes is something you have to figure it out yourself.
We may keep some memorabilia of our ex-es but they are strictly personal. And it's better that it stays that way. There is no good coming from snooping around your partner's past. It will only get you into a nasty fight.
We've all had them. But she should not get a whiff. Men go with the mantra that if you've already lost your pride once over the incident, there's no need to relive the experience.

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