CBSE CCE Grading System : Student's Corner

Actually i want to advice you that with this grades boards should give percentage also as we can compare ourselves.
since a child getting 99.5% and 95% will be in the same grade and hence will not able to know who performed better.
Implementation aspect should get the attention it deserves, if the system is to achieve its stated objectives. For teachers to make an objective assessment of the students, the work of the students will have to be closely guided and supervised. This will be possible only if the number of students a teacher is required to handle is kept limited. In the present class room environment, in most of the schools, where this number goes upwards of 40, this will remain a distant dream.
The structure of our classes should have been revamped first before the introduction of the new system. The system will take time to stabilise and the students who are forced to go through it during the transition phase may end up as losers.
The new system by itself has lot of merit in it. The utility will depend on the implementation. For a grading system to work effectively, the assessment method has to be fool proof and criteria well defined. There should not be any room for subjectivity here.
The fear expressed in many comments here about no more competition amongst the students and heart burns for the topper are all unfounded. Competition will still be there as one has to work hard and perform well to even score 90%. Heart burn of one is OK, if it can save the pain of peer pressure and parental pressure from a majority of students. This will ultimately lead to pressure free environment for students and encourage ‘healthy competion’ between them.
The system which is taken in pressure of about 10-20 students every year who commited sucide then why should 5000000 students.
the general students are 2 fold loss 1st seat reservations and then grading.
CAN A 96% is given equal importance as given to 91% one????
the sprit of competion will not be seen any where.
so all my dear friends lets come together and protest against it.
What exactly is the point of this new grading system?
We slog throughout the year and crack our brains over getting good marks in the board,but it does give one a certain amount of satisfaction to see the results at the end of the year.
What,they want to take this satisfaction away too?
At the same time,there is the fact that loads of students get above 90% in their board exams.
What if these students want to shift from their present school?
How will schools decide on which students to select?
Will we have to face another entrance exam AFTER our boards too?
Or will we have to give huge donations of money for admission?
This system is surely encouraging corruption…
This system is mainly put to stop suicide i guess im going to commit it!!!!!
problem is one-teacher take advantage and ask loads and loads of homwork in 1 day.dont get it and their words “now see….i will cut your marks and give you 0 im soo happy”
two-its a waste of resouces
three-teachers take their pets to their sides=give them good grades
four- dont get a copy or book and bang your gone
well these sre the main problems i face there are many more but that doesn’t effect me so i want CBSE back with logic and not rote and no projects no child likes it i have done a serveythat out of 47 kids in a class only 10 are happy rest sad the sad 1s include toppers I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO BUT IT WOULD BE FUN ONLY IF TEACHERS UNDERSTOOD US !!!
I appreciate the implentation of grading system. We can avoid both the mental torture to the students by their own parents and the suicide of of our immatured children to a certain extent.
Even after the aboiltion of grading,the recurring of suicides by the students,it should be answerable and cannot be compensated by money in the name of” Interim reliefs” to the family of the victim.

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