Benefits of Breast-Feeding

Children who were fed with mother's milk are much smarter than those who weren't breastfed by their mothers.
The surprising benefits of breastfeeding
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research reached a conclusion that children who were breastfed for a longer period of time have much higher intelligence coefficients. Dr. Michael Kramer, a professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology conducted a research that included 14 thousand children in 31 different clinics. Half of the mothers breastfed their children for a longer period of time, while the other half received mother's milk only for a short period of time and later they got other sorts of food. The research didn't take into account the results they got by analyzing the mother's intelligence and her attitude towards the baby. ''Our study gives the strongest proof that regular and longerbreastfeeding increases intelligence and makes children smarter,'' ensures Dr. Kramer. Children, who were breastfed for a longer period of time, achieved much better results in verbal and nonverbal communication as well as general intelligence. The level of intelligence has been measured with the help of IQ tests, which were conducted with reading, writing, mathematics and other subjects. Children who were breastfed excelled in all areas.

Dr. Kramer finds it impossible to explain the results which show thatbreastfeeding increases intelligence. He thinks that there is a possibility the mother's milk contains something special but most probably the results are connected with the physical and emotional bond between the mother and the baby, which is established during breastfeeding, but not if the baby bottle fed. Breastfed children’s intelligence is from three to five times higher.
Breastfeeding is also good for the mother

Besides the fact that breastfeeding increases intelligence, it is also important for the baby's health. Mother's milk is easily digested and it protects the child from bacterial infections because it includes all the important antibodies. Therefore, the possibility of leukemia and diabetes, or even obesity, higher levels of cholesterol and asthma is reduced.

American researches have confirmed that breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother as well, because it reduces the possibility of ovarian and breast cancer. Women who were breastfeeding for more a year, have 10 percent less possibility to develop hypertension, diabetes or cholesterol when they reach 60 years of age. The longer the baby was breastfed the lesser is the risk for a heart attack, stroke or arrhythmia

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