Generating Awareness on Disaster Management

Disasters - a growing problem around the world.It's a fact - disasters are on the rise around the world. According to one estimate, the 1990s saw a tripling of disasters and a nine-fold increase in economic costs when compared with the 1960s. Climate change,earthquake,floods,storm increasing concentrations of people in vulnerable areas, and political and economic instability are all contributing factors. The challenge is - how do we deal with this growing dilemma?

World Vision Bangladesh, Mymensingh ADP for Disaster Management organised essay, quiz, debate and paintings competitions at its auditorium on September 28 to create awareness among children about the disaster management programme. The participants came from different schools sponsored by World Vision. A total of 120 children took part in the day long competitions.

The children took part in the painting competition in three groups. The theme was 'disaster and necessary measures before or after a natural disaster takes place'.

Later a discussion was held with Disaster Management official of World Vision, Md. Abdul Barek in the chair. Samarendra Sangma, manager of Mymensingh ADP, was the chief guest. Assistant Keeper of Zainul Abedin Sangrahashala Dulal Chandra Gain, Professor Pradip Kumar Biswas, journalist Fazlur Rahman Siddiqui, Professor Shamsul Fayez and art teacher of Mymensingh Zila School, Hasan Masud also spoke at the event.

The speakers said that since Bangladesh is a country troubled with natural calamities, our youngsters should be more aware of how to deal with the situation.

At the end of the programme the chief guest distributed prizes among the winners.

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