How to make money online via donations

Making money online, there are lot and lot of ways to make money online. One of the easy ways is asking donations from the visitors that come to websites. There should be good reason or point for asking donation. Simply saying to donate will not encourage your visitors to donate you their money. This is a very common way but also to make real money you should have some basic idea about donation also. In this World Wide Web you may be the lucky one to make more and more money by generating donations.

But at the same time you should also keep in your mind that if you are having a very popular site and you are earning quite a good amount of money from that, then it may not be appreciated by many of your blog readers. Here, I will tell you different ways using which you can get donation from the readers.

There are three different ways or platform from where you can get help to generate donations from your site:

Scratch Box: it is an online tipping system that offers you to collect free tip from blogger or any other websites or free hosted sites.
PayPal: as you know PayPal is the most famous online money centre. You can create API for your site and link it to your website for getting donations. It’s most secure.
Chipin: chipin is also a good donate system site but it makes you to be bound in a time if you are unable to make that expected money in the interval of your time, you won’t be getting a single amount of money.
How to encourage people to make them donate

Encouraging people for donating is not very easy, although there are many people who love the work and donate for your site seeing your work. Fresh content and unique points for the works will be appreciated by all the people. If you are really making a good sense from your blog and attracting more and more visitors than there will be plenty of people who will love your work and donate for your site. Some people makes a bull shit sites and content and ask for donations, this is real illegal and is not appropriable by all the people and the visitors also will not follow his/her blogs in the future. So make this idea an idea that you can really appreciate and make some money by adding donation box to your websites today.

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