Online Aptitude test 1-For free Practice (Arithmetic Skills)

In what ratio should wheat at Rs. 4.5 per kg be mixed with another variety at Rs. 5.25 per kg so that the mixture is worth of Rs. 5 per kg?

Two taps can fill a tank in 18 and 24 min respectively. When both the taps are opened find when the first tap is turned off so that the tank may be filled in 12 min.

The average minimum temperature for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was 4 deg that for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 5.5 deg, if the temperature on Monday was 2.6 deg what was the temperature on Thursday?

A sum of Rs. 3310 is to be paid back in 3equal annual installments. What is the total interest charged if the interest is compounded annually at 10%?

A bag contains 5ps coins, 10ps coins and 20ps coins in the ratio of 3:2:1. If their total value is Rs. 11 what is the number of 5ps coins?

A rectangular tank is 4m long, 3m wide and 1.5 m high and is filled with water up to 0.6m. How many stones of 15cmx10cmx8cm are to be dropped to take the water to the top of the tank?

A bag contains 8 red, 7 green and 5 blue balls. What is the maximum number of balls to be drawn to ensure that at least one ball of each color is drawn?

In an exam, 5% applicants were ineligible and 85% of eligible belonged to A category. If 4275 eligible belong to other categories, how many applied?

Due to a 30% fall in price sales in a shop rise by 20%. What is the effect on income?

The population of town was 24000. If males increase by 6% and females by 9%, it becomes 25620. Number of males and females are

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