Phishing Message from So Called Rajaratnam's Wife

After numerous types of email phishing scandals today indian subcontinental internet user's faced another email scam. people all around Subcontinent are getting an email which claims to be written from Famous Mr. Rajaratnam's so called wife. To elaborate : Rajaratnam is a famous and rich personality located in USA  and presently living in a jail of USA in a criminal offence of financial frauds. The messege broadcasted over the internet is as under :

My name is Asha Rajaratnam,I am the wife of Raj Rajaratnam founder of  the Galleon Group ,New York.

I do have a proposal for you,which would be of immense financial benefits to you and I.

My husband has been jailed in the USA,I need your assistance to help me move some funds from Holland to India  or anywhere where it would at least be of some help to our family.

I would give you more details of this proposal if you show yourself willing to take on it,I assure you that you would most certainly be compensated but please I would kindly request you to keep this matter confidential.

I am currently here in the UK where it is a bit safe for me and my kids.

You can reach me on my personal email id which is

Sincere regards,

Asha D. Rajaratnam

Beware of such messages. Thanks. 

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