Sach Ka Saamana Part 2 : Facing The Truth

The protestor as Time's Person of the Year 2011. From Cairo to New York City. From Tahrir Square to Times Square. And from Ram Lila to Azad Maidan.

Did something really stir this year ? Are Indians zombied-by-unaccountability waking up beyond personal fatigue and tired assaults ?

There is an ire for change but is it as deep as the pockets of the very corrupt? Or is it another instance where the axis of blame is so wide angle that we don't see our casual complicity. 2G is now a numeric uno euphemism for scam and continues to unfold with revelations @ 3G speed. Shock continues to find new voltaic lows everyday ,in exposes of the illegally mined and dined. In a year in which many in India, have gone from who is Anna to I am Anna to why Anna - one experience continues to tether us breathlessly to it all. Corruption.

Wherever you might be on this, you can bet there will be chatter on tv about it, preferably with a hotseat.

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