CENTRE FOR DNA FINGERPRINTING AND DIAGNOSTICS Vacancy for the Post of Scientific Group Leaders (Faculty)

Scientific Group Leaders (Faculty) Recruitments
Advertisement No. 1/2012
The CDFD is an autonomous institute supported by the Department of
Biotechnology, Government  of India, that uniquely  blends a high-quality service  
facility in DNA profiling and diagnostics with basic research in the frontier areas of  
modern biology. The current research themes, initiated and conducted by its Faculty 
investigators, include computational and structural biology, genetics and epigenetics, 
silkmoth genomics, molecular pathogenesis, cancer and stem cell biology, cell 
signalling, and molecular and cellular biology. The Centre also hosts an active and 
vibrant Ph.D. scholars program in these areas. 
The Centre invites applications from  Indian citizens for Scientific Group Leader 
(Faculty) positions in any of the areas  of modern biology, for  which a number of 

vacancies exist. For all these positions, the  candidates will be  expected to lead
independent groups and to attract extramural research funding. 

Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in any branch of Natural Sciences or an M.D., 
and must have an outstanding track record of scientific productivity, as evident from 
publications in scientific journals of high impact and/or international patents. 
Although post-doctoral experience is desirable, exceptional candidates with a fresh 
Ph.D. may also be considered. The level  of appointment, at either Assistant or 
Associate Professor equivalent, will depend on the length of experience and the 

quality of scientific productivity.
For further details on the advertised  positions and on the ongoing research and 
service activities, prospective applicants may visit the CDFD website 
(http://www.cdfd.org.in), where the details of application procedure are also provided. 

Prospective applicants are also encouraged  to contact any of the existing CDFD
Faculty, for additional information or clarifications on the Centre’s activities, its 
recruitment process, provision of start-up funds etc. 
There is no last date for receipt of applications, which will be evaluated periodically 
until all the positions are filled. Shortlisted applicants will be required either to appear 

before a Selection Committee or to visit  the CDFD for a seminar and discussions
before a decision is made. 

Details of application procedure

Applicants are requested to submit Curriculum Vitae with name and contact details, 
date of birth, nationality, complete list of publications, research interests and future 
research plans either by post to The  Director, CDFD, Bldg. 7, Gruhakalpa, 5-4-
399/B, Nampally, Hyderabad-500001, India or by e-mail to scientist@cdfd.org.in.  
The course which we strongly encourage for all the short-listed Staff Scientist 
applicants is to visit us on a mutually convenient date and to interact with our faculty 

members. This gives us a chance to learn about the candidates' work in more detail. 
Moreover, this practice also helps the candidates in getting a true assessment of the 
work that is being carried out at CDFD  and of the general living conditions in 
Hyderabad. For such a visit, the CDFD will reimburse the cost of economy class 
return airfare between a place in India and Hyderabad. 

All short-listed applicants will also be called to appear before a duly constituted 
Selection Committee, and a letter to this  effect will be sent to you by our Head, 
Administration once a date for such a meeting is finalized. In the case of those 
candidates who have already visited the  CDFD for discussions and seminar, their 
appearance before the Selection Committee is  optional and their applications can 
also be considered in absentia. On the  other hand, applications of short-listed 

candidates who have not previously visited the CDFD will not be considered in 
absentia by the Selection Committee. Such candidates do, of course, have the 
option of visiting the CDFD at a later date (in case they also were not able to appear 
before the Selection Committee) to then be considered in absentia at a subsequent 
Selection Committee meeting, since we expect that not all the available positions will 
be filled immediately

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