Tips to Delay Sex in a New Relationship

New relationship gives you wonderful feeling. Your partner makes every effort to make you feel special. Problem arises only when one of the partners wants to take relationship to another level while the other is not ready for sex. You may want to delay sex because it is first time for your or simply because you value your relationship so much that you don’t want to hurry in to things.

According to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology- couples who has sex early in their relationship had worst relationship outcomes. According to the study couples who waited to have sex till their wedding bells had better relationship. Relationship stability, relationship satisfaction, sexual quality
and communication between the partners was 12 to 22 percent higher when compared to couples who had sex in their new relationship.

It is wise to wait until both of you are sure and comfortable of each other. Here are some of the ways to delay sex in a new relationship:

  • If both of you have good understanding then you must straight away tell to your partner that you are not ready for it. By being honest you are laying strong foundation for your long and loving relationship. Tell him/her that you value your relationship and therefore need some time.
  • Make an excuse, if you can’t talk to your partner about it. But make sure to tell something that your partner will believe. For instance, if both of you are stuck in situation where you have to share same room and your partner insist to have sex then you can probably say that you are tired or not in mood.
  • It is very difficult to avoid intimate moments with love of your life, especially if you are drunk. If you want to delay sex in your relationship then don’t get drunk.
  • Avoid sleepovers at your partner’s place. This simply means that create a situation where sex becomes irresistible for both of you.
  • If you suspect that partner wants to have sex then you must avoid your romantic dates at his place. If you had then don’t stretch time of your date. Return to your place as soon as your date is over.
  • Never get pushed into sex if you don’t want it. If guy is too demanding then it is better to leave him and find someone who understands you better.

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