RPSC Syllabus for Junior Accountant, Accountant and TRA

Scheme of Papers and Syllabus for the Combined Competitive Examination for Accountant, Junior Accountant and Tehsil Revenue Accountant
English : Marks : 50 
Part – ‘A’ :-
Modern English usage : 
I.  Tenses                 
II. Determiners       
III. Phrasal verbs and Idioms      
IV.  Passive Voice             
V. Co-ordination & Subordination   
VI. Direct and Indirect Speech    
VII. Modals expressing various concepts obligation, Request, Permission, Prohibition, Intention,  Condition, Probability, Possibility, Purpose, Reason, Comparison,  Contrast. 
Part – ‘B’ :-                                                                                             
1. Comprehension of a given passage. 
2. Report Writing       or      Business Letters  
(B) General Knowledge & Every day Science (Objective Type)          100 Three hours 
(C) Mathematics (Objective Type)                       100 Three hours 

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