Sahara Leaves BCCI, Also to surrender IPL team (Pune Warriors)

Source : Yahoo India

The Indian team's biggest sponsor announces a pullout from 'all cricket under the BCCI' over financial grievances and the handling of Yuvraj Singh.

Sahara, the business conglomerate which has been sponsoring the Indian cricket team since 2001, has announced that it will end its support for the BCCI and the IPL. 

The decision to end their partnership comes over long-standing business grievances and the handling of the case of Yuvraj Singh, who is the captain of the Sahara-owned IPL team, Pune Warriors. 

The timing of Sahara's move is critical. It choose to disassociate itself from the BCCI on the day of the 2012 player auctions for the IPL in Bangalore. Sahara has asked the BCCI to pass the Warriors set-up on to any interested party and that they will continue sponsoring the Indian team "for the next 2-4 months, till the BCCI finds a new sponsor."

Sahara had paid Rs 400 crore in 2005 for a four-year deal to sponsor the Indian team. In 2010, the deal was renewed at approximately 490 crore till December 31, 2013. 

Sahara said in its statement that they were not allowed a replacement player for Yuvraj, who is undergoing treatment for a tumour in his lung.

“We requested the BCCI on the basis of the fact that we have only one Indian marquee player, that we be allowed to add price of Shri Yuvraj Singh in our auction purse, during the 4th February auction because we had later taken Shri Sourav Ganguly at 0.4 million. Again, we have been denied on the basis of the rule book. Yet again, a case of being denied natural justice,” Sahara’s statement said. [Read the full statement here]

“We think this peculiar situation of Shri Yuvraj Singh is silent in the rule book because it probably talks only about players who are temporarily injured.” 

“Incidentally, once during the Champion's League tournament, one of the Indian IPL teams had a lot of injured players so they were rightly, out of natural justice, allowed to break the rules and take one extra foreign player. We appreciated this natural justice.”

“We really feel such one-sided emotional relationship cannot be dragged any further. We are withdrawing from all cricket under BCCI/ However, we don't want to give any problem to the BCCIand we also feel that the players should not suffer. BCCI will definitely take 2-4 months to get a new sponsor and we will continue paying the sponsorship money till then. All other IPL team players, coaches and other such associates will definitely get their due this year, in case they do not get a chance to play.”

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