Asia Cup Final : Who Will Play/Qualify?

Asia cup is a tournament that has four teams in 2012 edition (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and hosts Bangladesh) and each plays another only just which means only six matches to decide two finalists..

Unfair it eventually will be for one or both team who miss out on a chance to fight for the trophy on 22nd March and that is why whoever starts the series winningly will go a long way.

Points table will give us team standings in Asia cup 2012 with the top two teams after the league rounds going through to final. Note that there's bonus point senario in this tournament (explained below) which will provide teams to not just win but win big, and increase their chance to reach the final. here's how the teams stand as of now.

Note that Asian cricket council has acted smartly and announced a reserve day for each of the match so that uncompleted match can be finished. In case of rain or other factors, curtailed matches will begin on reserve day from where they stopped on scheduled day.
Table updated upto : Match 5 : India v Pakistan, 18 March 2012.
Points table : India v Australia v Sri Lanka, CB tri-series in Australia 2012.
Sri Lanka2020000-1.068

Who qualifies for final

**Team with most wins.
**If equal, team with more points.
**If equal, team with higher net run rate.
**If still equal, team that won respective head to head.

What is bonus point

As the name suggests, bonus is when you win big. The defination is to beat opposition by more than one run per over. Consider a team makes 250 runs batting first, they scored their runs at 5 runs per over and now will have to keep opposition lower than 200 (4 runs per over in 50 over innings) to earn a bonus point. Convsersly, if chasing team wants to earn bonus, they've to finish get their target inside 40 overs.

What is net runrate

Net runrate is the average runs scored per over throughout the relevant portion of the tournament = runs scored divided by overs played. Even in case a team is bowled out in less than it's full quota of overs, calculation of net run rate is done by total runs scored divided by full quota of overs of that innings. in case a team chases down their target in fewer overs, they better their net runrate. In case of a rain abandoned or shorterned games, NRR is calculated to the team's par score according to Duck-Worth Lewis method

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