How to print Patwar Question Paper PDF File (Locked)

This article tell you about hopw we can print PDF Files which are locked for being copierd, Printing or Editing. Solution : Free My PDF Webtool (Cursor Mania)

As far we know, Locked PDF files aren't usable until and unless we make it unlocked. And Thats why we call it Locked. A PDF file can be protected in 2 Ways.

1. Password Protection. ( Cant be opened without password.)

2. Print/Copy Protection.

For The second protection said above, we have got a solution now. FreeMyPDF is a web tool which allows us to Copy and Print Our PDF Files which are protected. Simply upload the Locked PDF and the site will provide you the unlocked one. Its Easy as It is.

P.S : Take care not to upload any PDF files containing Confidential Informations For the Security of yourself.

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