how to sale commission junction products

There are many bloggers who do not make any money from the Commission Junction affiliate system simply because they make a big mistake while choosing their affiliate products. In this post I have discussed some ways in which you can choose a money making affiliate product on CJ:

Study the Commission Structure

Each affiliate program on Commission Junction has its own unique commission payment structure. Most affiliate programs will give you a fixed percentage of share for every affiliate product sold, however, there are also some affiliate programs that will pay a fixed rate for each of their affiliate product sold. So make sure you understand their payment structure before you apply for it. In fact, there are also a few (rare) affiliate programs that pay you for simply getting a visit to their website through your affiliate link – whether a product is sold or not. Obviously, the approval is difficult for such affiliate programs that also pay for every visitor you send their way.

Availability of ‘Lead’ programs

CJ has also a variety of affiliate programs where the visitor does not always need to buy anything. Such lead programs include affiliates such as credit cards where the visitor needs to fill out contact information or personal details from where the bank companies can contact them. These programs are more capable of making money for you because the visitor does not have to spend anything, so they tend to convert better.

Types of Creative Provided

When you apply for an affiliate program you will find that the program offers ways to promote their product. Obviously it becomes important that you are aware of the various kinds of banners that are provided along with the program because it will become easier for you to promote it. Also CJ shows what banners of a certain affiliate program convert better, so you should also take that into consideration before you decide.


There are many affiliate programs that will up your percent of commission after you cross a minimum amount of sales. For example, there are affiliate programs which will pay 4% for your first ten sales and then after ten sales they will pay you 9% for every product of theirs you sell thereon. This is a very important point especially if you are one of those affiliate marketers who is able to sell affiliate products in a very high volume.


This is the most important point which you should consider when you are choosing an affiliate product to promote. The metrics will allow you to understand how well a particular affiliate product converts. Commission Junction allows you to see the performance metrics all the advertisers and ads within the network. This basically takes affiliate marketing to a whole new level. CJ shows a little bar for each advertiser – each bar shows the “network earnings”. The higher the network earnings – it means that affiliates are generating more revenue out of the affiliate program. CJ also displays the 3 month EPC and 7 day EPC – basically earnings per hundred clicks. In simple terms it means, for a hundred visitors you sent the affiliate, how many of them actually brought the product. These metrics and stats are a great way to understand what the revenue potential out of each affiliate program is.

Sale Definition

Most affiliate programs have a definition of sale. For most programs it is quite straightforward and simple. But in some affiliate programs they offer a little complicated definition to what constitutes a sale. Just to be on the safe side and not put your hard work in vain ensure that you read and understand the basic conditions of sale for a particular affiliate program.
Commission Junction is a very reputable company that is used my many webmasters online. They are regular in their payment and have no history of fraud, Commission Junction was found in 1998. Another thing is that whether you are a publisher or advertiser, Commission Junction provides excellent customer service.
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