LIC Jeevan Vridhi Plan : Buy or Not Buy

Very first day of March and very popular-esteemed company of Life Insurance in India (The Great LIC) has come over with its new and exciting Single Premium Life insurance plan called Jeevan Vridhi. People are searching and surfing to explore the reality behind the plan. Though we all know there no need to suspect any insurance plan from LIC yet its our duty and security of our money to find out the facts and benefits closely.

Why should one Buy Jeevan Vridhi
If you are seriously falling in the Income tax Slab of 20% or heigher you can easily invest your money into this plan. Giving good return and all maturity amount will be tax free as well. you should go for it. it actually paying you little heigher than the other conventional plans.

Why should one NOT buy Jeevan Vridhi from LIC
Skipping this exciting plan can be a good idia if you are falling in the tax slab of just 10%. It bounds you for whole 10 years with less returns in comparison to 5-Year Fix-Deposit Plan (80-c Exempted)..  

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