RTET 2012 Syllbus Paper 1

Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)
Paper  I

( For a person who intends to be a Teacher for Classes I to V)

(i)  Child Development and Pedagogy
(30 Multiple Choice Questions of 30 Marks will be asked from this part of the Question Paper)

Unit  1                        Marks-0 7
Child development - Nature and nutrition, role of nutrition in child development, factors motivating child
development. Growth and development - Physical, mental, language, social, emotional and psychomotor.
Unit  2                       Marks-0 7
Learning - meaning, theories and factors affecting learning ; motivation, Interest, habits and attitude.
Unit  3                       Marks-0 7
Personality ;  Adjustment ; Exceptional children, mental health and hygiene.
Unit  4                     Marks-09
In the context of National Curriculum Framework-2005
Teaching : Concept, teaching learning process, Teacher’s Role, Teaching learning strategies and methods.
Assessment - Meaning, purposes, measurement and evaluation ;
Action research -
Right to Education Act 2009 (Role and responsbilities of teachers)

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