Ant Photography : An Excellent Picture

Andrey Pavlov, a Russian photographer with commendable theatrical background chose a unique way of storytelling combining both the media. He devotedly studied the lives of ants, and planted histrionic props on their trails. There he photographed them live as if in a drama or movie. Except for the planned stage settings, all the rest is natural; no photo editing gimmicks involved, vouches the photographer. Come see the great moments of simple joviality, grant imagination, poignancy, and even some sublime philosophising. It all started with a spinal injury which left him bedridden for a bout during which he happened to read a lot on ants, and observed them. Known for their hardworking nature, the ants stunned Pavlov with the way they care for the weaker members of their community. '..I chose ants because I respect them and their way of life. They care about their children and look after the elderly', was Pavlov's words in an online discussion board.Every year he spends a few months on this hobby of choreographing photo shoots with red ants creating and enjoying his own fairy tales, compensating for a childhood deprived of fairy tales.

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