Blogger Legacy Accounts and Final Reminder Warning

Today when i logged on to my gmail account i saw that a message was there with the Subject line : "Final Warning Reminder for Blogger Legacy Account Claim". It was little weird message in fact. It was very hard to understand. Very unclear. and pointing nowhere. There was a link provided asking me to follow and claim my old blogs otherwise i wont be able to claim them after may 31st. 

In a rush i did the same as it was asked to do. But when i tried to login on the next page with my blogger credentials i saw a message that there were no account found with those detail. 

I went to origin of the problem, a message which was delivered by google to all its legacy account holder in April 2011. But again the output was same.

If anyone of you have the solution, please post it here. So do I. 
Here is the Solution
Netjaal webmaster

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