Dirty Picture on sony : Has Indian govt gone sick or is this a positive wise move?

Last sunday, people all over India were waiting for the movie called "Dirty Picture" which was going to be shown on Sony TV. The TV rights were bought at a huge price by the channel from the producers since we all know the scale of popularity and craze for the Movie awesome in the entertainment loving audience. 

Sudden and shocking move from the ministry of broadcasting come at a interval of around few minutes from the telecasting schedule of the movie show where it was fully denied that this movie (Dirty Picture) could be telecast on any TV channel of india. 

Bollywood has criticized the Govt's move and so the other people from various fields as well. 

When people can see this at a cinema hall why cannot this be shown on TV. Everyone is asking the same question again and again with different style of words.

It is a wise move or a move that will just crash the image of this govt. further. 

Decision is one the public itself. you have to make the move from now. people have done what they were not selected to do. 

Netjaal Team. 

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