Ambedkar Cartoon and Political drama

As opposition leaders created an uproar over the cartoon they said was insulting, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said he was not personally responsible for the row but had "no hesitation in apologising to the nation".
He said a committee formed by his ministry was already reviewing all such "objectionable matters in textbooks".
"All such content will be removed from NCERT text books next year. The cartoon was of course objectionable. This should be withdrawn. There will be no more distribution of such books if they are in stock," Sibal told reporters after the issue led to a huge uproar in parliament.
The issue led to the Lok Sabha being adjourned for the day shortly after MPs reassembled at 2 p.m. following earlier disruptions. The Rajya Sabha was also repeatedly disrupted.
The cartoon, first published in 1960s by renowned cartoonist Shankar in his weekly magazine and reproduced in NCERT Class 11 political science textbooks depicts Jawaharlal Nehru with a whip in his hand chasing Ambedkar, who is seated on a snail.

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