Generic Medicine : IMA Threatens Amir Khan

Satyamev Jayate !

Sounds good when we hear this phrase and sounds even more good when it is played with a music. But does it really mean what it wants to convey. People seems to hide themselves when truth behaves like a sword. 

Same happened with Indian Medical Association (IMA). Amir Khan, the famous Indian film actor, turned a social activist in the form of his own product of Satyamevmev Jayate, a TV Show. His forth episode, that comprises shorcomings in the medical system alongwith the impractical activities run by majority of doctors by prescribing unwanted medical-tests and Branded Medicines in place of Generic ones. 

Truth was always known but not so widely. Amir's status and voice made it possible. And now IMA not wanting to hear truth. Threatening Amir Khan to protest against his shown and movies in the future if Amir does not take his words back. But Its hard to understand what words should Amir take back. Amir did not say anything about IMA or the doctors in a bad manner. he just introduced the truth to the public.

Doctors prescribing Branded medicines in place of generic medicines which are highly cheaper and most importantly has same level of effect what a branded does. the cost of a Generic medicine usually very very much lower. But we can not take it to cure our disease because doctors do not prescribe it to us. We can not ask them do. Its all depends on their mindset. But why doctors are interested in writing Branded Medicines? The answer is simple, Pharma companies are paying a great amount of commission to the doctors directly if they prescribe their medicines to patients.

I hope Amir will not answer the IMA, because we all know "Truth is always sour" and "Satyamev Jayate"

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