megapixel : Tata's new Car with unbelievable mileage.

Tata Motors yet again puts the automobile industry on sock. Tata megapixel, a combination of excellent exterior and superb innovative thought was unveiled here in Geneva, 2012 motor show. Tata Megapixel can complete a journey of 900 KMs without a need of fuel recharge its tank. it has been possible because of its unbelievable excellency in the mileage corner and unique concept of electric cum petrol engine. 

This is not all. The car also has green label on it, means it emit only 22gm/Km of Carbon-di-oxide gas. which is lowest in the industry. The mileage is almost 100 KM/Litre of fuel and the megapixel can run on a combination of battery and power together.

The class-leading ‘Zero Turn’ drive system of the Tata Pixel (shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show) has been taken to an even higher level of manoeuvrability in the Tata Megapixel.

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